Jersey Shore Season 4-01 ‘Italy Gets Smushed’ Recap

Italians, lock up your daughters and handcuff your wives, The Situation is taking over the Italian nation! Jersey Shore has returned and for the fourth season, they’re mixing it up a bit. The gang is headed overseas to Italy where they all have lofty goals. Deena wants to do “everything”, Vin wants to master Italian, Ron is eager to get back into “Single Ron” mode, Snooki hopes to keep her long distant relationship (as does JWOWW) and finally, Mr. Situation himself is on the prowl, looking for some lovely Italian beauties to bed.

As we kick off, Snooki gives us a quick geography lesson, telling us that she’s headed to a “country” called Europe. More specifically, she tells us she’s going to Italy. She has no idea where it is on the map, but at least she knows its shaped like a boot.

The rest of our favorite guidos and guidettes are also getting ready to head out. Aside from taking new passport photos, everyone has their own business to attend to. Snooki shares a goodbye with her boyfriend, Pauly gets some last minute packing done, JWOWW (who has definitely had some plastic surgery) hits the gym with Roger etc.

Come nighttime, the boys have reunited as have the girls. For the guys, it’s an Italian feast at Vinny’s house with his family and as for the girls, they head to Deena’s for a slumber party.

As the sun rises the next morning, the race is on. Both the guys and the girls head to the airport, but not together. They both want to get to the house first but who will come out victorious? The boys have Mike and his nine bags weighing them down and the girls have, well, Snooki, who proves to be just as incompetent at travelling as she is at everything else.

MVP+Ron manage to make it to the house first and they’re shocked when they get their. Not only is it huge but it’s actually quite nice. Patio, grill, indoor jacuzzi, it’s all here. Vin and Pauly snag one room while Mike and Ron grab the other. Eventually, the girls arrive as well and they all have a little reunion.

Once everyone is reacquainted, they go to take a seat in the den. Not thinking, Ron sits on the table, which instantly collapses under his weight. Pauly goes nuts, laughing uncontrollably and proclaiming that it’s “the best day of his life.”

A bit later on, we see Deena and Sam talking with Mike. When they tell him that Snooki has a boyfriend, the Situation looks disappointed. We later learn why when he reveals to Ron that he has a thing for Snooki which developed after they hooked up a few months ago (while Snooki was seeing her boyfriend).

The next morning, Pauly wakes up the house the next morning with his grenade horn, it’s time to GTL. The guys and gals both head off separately and go about their daily activities. When night comes, it’s time to check out the Italian club scene. Before they do so though, Pauly gives us his new Italian version of “cabs are here.”

While at the club, Sitch tries working some game but the language barrier is cramping his style. He needs Vin to assist as he’s the only one who speaks Italian. As the gang starts to get into the groove at the club, Deena and Pauly hook up briefly, and Mike gets a bit too touchy with Snooki, which surprises the rest of the gang. A couple more shots in the club take up the remaining runtime and then the episode comes to a close.

All things considered, I really enjoyed this episode of Jersey Shore. The Italy setting looks promising and it was just nice to see everyone back together again and having fun. No drama, no fighting and no bullshit. Granted, it’s just the first episode and shit is going to hit the proverbial fan very soon, likely due to the Mike/Snooki situation. But hey, it’s better than Ron/Sam drama again, right?

Things are looking good for the Jersey Shore crew and I’m pretty optimistic about the rest of the season. I like the light-hearted atmosphere and playful tone that the premiere set and I’m excited to see where things go from here. I’m guessing the Pauly/Deena hook up was a one time thing but maybe not. And what about Snooki, will she leave her current situation for the Situation?

What do you think?