Jersey Shore Season 4-03 ‘Twinning’ Recap

So, where were we? Yes, of course, there was plenty of hooking up and fighting around the house in Italy, and The Situation continued to be a creep about him and Snooki having a little fling during their down time. Sadly, it looks like Ronnie and Sammi may become an item again, which means about half of each episode will be devoted to fighting and then whispering apologies. With this knowledge in hand and a blatant disregard for my self-respect, let’s check out the newest episode of Jersey Shore.

Beginning with some class, The Sitch boots out a booty call while Ronnie and Snooki head out to the gym. While grabbing some breakfast, the conversation veers towards the Sammi/Ronnie relationship, with Ronnie musing about what will happen while they are in Italy. Meanwhile, Sammi helps Deena on her mission to find the perfect Italian “lean cuisine.”

Starting off strong, she gets a kiss and a number from a waiter at a cafe who has a better grasp of the English language than Deena does. Back at the gym, Snooki gets hit on by a creepy old guy who looks like he could possibly be a serial killer. Night falls, and it’s back to the club we go. Ronnie continues to act awesome now that he doesn’t have a size 1 anchor bringing him down; that is, until said anchor finds her way over to him and reminds him she misses him. Deena’s man shows up at the club, and all is right with the world…for now!

Mike somehow manages to get a pair of twins to agree to come back to the house and sleep with him, causing nice guys everywhere to curse God forever. The Sitch manages to creep out Snooki even more, a feat that he seems able to top effortlessly over and over again. Deena brings her Italian stallion back to the house to cuddle, which leads to a shouting match between her, Vinny and Pauly D. Eventually, her man sneaks out through the front door. Ron and Pauly D wake up the next morning to Mike’s twins calling for him, so they play a prank on him by telling them to come over while he’s still sleeping.

Mike wakes up to find the twins already in his room, leaving the group to poke fun at them before he takes them out. With the goal of a threesome in mind, The Sitch sets out on a conquest of epic proportions. Meanwhile, Ron and Sam discuss where they are in their relationship, which means they talk in circles about how much they love each other until they eventually (sigh) end up back together.

After a few cheesy shots of Ron and Sam being happy together, Ron reveals to Snooki that they’re back together. Vinny and Pauly D poke fun at Rammi (yes, I’m clever) for always wearing black whenever they’re back together, something I just noticed too. The group heads back out to the club, where the twins continue to stalk The Situation, which he uses to try and set up his unholy threesome. Just as he is about to leave though, Deena swoops in to save the twins by taking one and…making out with her? Whoa…I mean, OK. More improbable things have happened: The Situation wrote a book with actual words in it.

Anyways, back at the house, Deena pulls one of the twins into her room while Mike puts the other in his bed and promptly leaves. Ron tells JWOWW and Sam about Mike hooking up with Snooks, while Mike complains about Deena being selfish for taking his coveted twin.

Deena’s girl hops over to Vinny’s bed, but while they’re hooking up, Deena snatches her up, pulling a double robbery that leaves everybody with nothing but a cold shower. Jenni tells Snooki that Mike told everyone in the house about their hook up, and this of course leads to a fight. But it’s just the beginning for this situation (zing!).

The fight heats up while Sam and Ron watch from the sidelines. Back in her room, Deena has a mini freak out and sends her twin back to Vinny like a pinball. Snooki seeks comfort from Ron, right before Mike confronts Ron about snitching on him. The fight rages on until Mike takes his twin to the smush room and shuts the door. Perfect end to a perfect night?

So even though this week’s episode was an improvement over last week’s snoozefest, it’s still not enough make me love the gang as much as I did before. Hopefully the rest of the season can heat up and keep the tension thick. What are your thoughts on last nights episode?

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