Jersey Shore Season 4-04 ‘Crime And Punishment’ Recap

Ok folks, this is the big one. After last week’s episode of Jersey Shore, which featured twins and the official Sam and Ron back-together-fest, things are finally heating up in Italy. The episode picks up the morning after the classic “twinning” incident, with roommates sharing their stories from the night before, highlighted by Vinny describing how Deena hooked up with her twin. Moving past their successes of the past night, the girls and the guys split up and discuss the Snooki-Situation issue, with both sides sounding like complete idiots (which is why we love them).

Back at home, the guys mess with Deena about her “lesbionic” experience the night before, hoping for some details. Meanwhile, Snooki calls her boyfriend Jionni and reveals what Mike’s been up to and telling him that they never hooked up. Luckily, Jionni is smarter than most of the other guys and lets it slide. The girls dress up in some goofy, old-fashioned costumes, leading Mike to have the official quote of the night: “They looked like the Kentucky Derby f****d the Easter Bunny.” Sunday dinner is silent and awkward until Deena finally reveals that her twin never went down on her, leading to an argument between all the roommates about whose robbed who before.

The sexes split up again, with the guys deciding they’re sick of Deena robbing them of their girls. Pranks ensue, which Deena takes as a personal insult. JWOWW uses a big word (malicious!), and Deena weeps as she falls asleep out in the living room. However, Jenni comes to her rescue and makes Vinny and Pauly talk to Deena, which leads to another argument as they realize how their personalities have changed. But as is expected, everybody maakes up over it, and normality is restored, at least for the night.

Even though it’s a few episodes late, the first day of work has arrived! Pauly, Deena and Snooki head out to the pizza shop, where Pauly makes an ass of himself handing out flyers. But happiness is fleeting as Jenni discovers that Ron is still talking to his girl Hannah from back home.  Back at the shop, Deena and Snooki realize they suck at making pizza, so they bribe a customer into buying them wine so they can get drunk on the clock. As classy as that sounds, the boss is pissed when he finds out and pours it down the drain.

Ron goes out on the streets and buys Sam a lot of Italian stuff, and Snooki goes out to dinner with Jenni and they discus penis molds and vibrators. Ron and Sam talk about how freaking happy they are together while Jenni and Snooki discuss writing Sam another letter. Yes, ANOTHER letter, because we all know how well that went last time.

A club called Yab is where the group takes their drunk selves, where they continue to drink and act stupid. Sadly, Ron and Sam take the cake as they get into another fight over…nothing. Quick aside: being the terrible person I am, I only like those two together when they fight. This being said, I love that they hate each other tonight. The group heads home, Ron calls a friend about Sam (not Hannah), and that’s when it hits the fan.

The craziness of the night begins with Mike losing his girl. He calls his hook up girl Brittany and tries to console Ron and Sam. They drunkenly try to discuss their relationship, but all that comes out are bleeps and circular reasoning. Ron finds out that Mike is the one who told Sam what he said a few days ago about taking a group of girls back to his room. Finally, Ron snaps and confronts Mike about what he said. Mike lies and says he didn’t say it, causing Ron to throw Mike’s bed out of the room. Mike flips out like a psycho, and I mean spit flying and hitting the wall for no reason psycho, and Ron attacks him. Just as the fight gets intense…the episode ends.

But have no fear, as the preview for next week looks incredible. Mike is sent to the hospital and Jenni tries to calm Ron down while Sammi makes things worse. I don’t know about you, but this is the Jersey Shore I missed. Sure, it’s fun to see them be nice and pal around, but who doesn’t miss when they would all nearly kill each other over the smallest offenses? This episode proved that the gang still has a bit of absolute insanity in them, and I couldn’t be more excited to see what next week’s Jersey Shore has in store.

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