Jersey Shore Season 4-07 ‘Meatball Mashup’ Recap

Alright folks, I apologize for the delay on this recap, but believe me when I say the wait was killing me too. The latest episode of Jersey Shore starts up right where we left off, with Snooki, Jenni and Ron heading to work and trying to convince Snooki to break up with Jionni. After the decision is made to go to the beach, the three leave work and go shopping for beach clothes…on their fifteen minute break.

After getting home, Snooki calls Jionni and of course he starts freaking out about nothing. After he insults everybody at the house, he decides that he’s not going to Italy, hopefully leaving Snooki wide open for a better guy. As everybody starts packing for the beach, the guys realize that they all have way too much luggage for their two Fiats, and we get to enjoy watching them try to load up.

Once they arrive at the Italian Shore, the guys and the gals split up to see the sights. The girls head straight for the beach, which is quickly followed by getting hammered early in the afternoon. While asking how to say “vagina” in Italian, some guys comes up and starts scolding them for saying it. Being creeped out as always, they hit the shops. But once Jenni and Sam realize just how drunk Deena and Snooki are, they start to get aggravated that they have to spend their day taking care of them. To show how much they don’t care, Sam and Jenni go back to the hotel, and Team Meatball heads to the club , where they meet the guys, fall into bushes, and dance until their underwear literally falls off.

Now that the Meatballs have been lovingly abandoned, the group heads out to dinner and finally starts to worry about them. Once they show up late and eat their whole dinner, the gang heads out to the club, with the drunks in tow. Even by Jersey Shore standards, these two are completely wasted – and still drinking. Even after Deena shows up still missing her underwear, they refuse to listen to reason and continue to party.

Of course, now that they’re just gone from the world, Snooki and Deena start making out in front of everyone, followed by a round of collapsing and then some staggering. Everybody calls it a night and decides to escort the Meatballs back to the house, where they continue to make out. Everybody is woken up like normal, but this time by Ron, who is accused of “swacking”, or pretty much just stealing Pauly D’s swag. Yeah, it’s stupid.

Anyways, the guys go and discuss Jionni and Snooki over lunch. when they get back, the Meatballs finally wake up, apparently with no memory of what happened at all. The girls try to remind them of what happened, and then the whole group heads back to their mansion. Of course, Snooki calls Jionni the second they get back and admits to him that her and Deena had hooked up at the beach. Surprisingly, he’s perfectly fine with that and lets her off the hook.

Now that the crazy weekend is over, Snooki, Mike and Deena go to work, where Mike surprises everyone by actually working. Deena and Snooki surprise no one by hiding in upside down trash cans to avoid work. Now that work is over, Deena and Snooki head out to the gym in the city. Of course, they’re absolutely terrible drivers and end up hitting a cop car. And since that’s not bad enough, Snooki doesn’t have her license so the guys fly into action and head towards the scene. Paramedics arrive and put one of the cops in a neck brace before putting him in the ambulance. The guys arrive just in time to watch the cops drive away with Snooki.

Next week, it looks like Snooki is out of jail and Jionni is coming to visit…until he gets mad at her and leaves her at a club. Although this week’s episode wasn’t the best of the season (see the one where Mike smashes his face into a wall), it was still decently entertaining, especially since Snooki is once again in trouble with the authorities. Things are gonna continue to heat up too, so stay tuned for next week’s recap and leave your thoughts in the comments!