Jersey Shore Season 4-12 ‘Ciao Italia’ Recap

The season finale is finally here (for those of us who haven’t seen it yet)! Hopefully all of our questions will be answered, and by all of our questions, I mean all two of our questions. Read on to find out how the Jersey Shore gang spent their last few days in Italy.

So now that Mike’s back home and really crazy, he drunkenly tries to talk to Snooki, who completely ignores him. Once the rest of the gang gets back, Ron wakes Mike up to talk to him about what’s been going on with him lately. Ron tells Mike that he needs to fix all of the problems that he caused, but Mike said he would rather be alone, so Ron leaves. The next day, Pauly, Vinny and Sam head out for their last day of work. Everyone has tons of fun, and it looks like a better workplace than the Shore Store.

Once they get back from work, Ron and Sam “get their smoosh on” while everybody else is home, and of course it’s hilarious. Mike sneaks off to call his sister Melissa and tell her he’s not going back to Jersey, and she tries to talk some sense into him. That night, while the group gets ready to head out, Jenni stays in to try and fight the bug she’s got. The gang is having a good night at the club, but then the Meatballs leave to go somewhere else. Once they’re gone, Vinny wants to leave to find hotter girls at another club.

Once the Meatballs are at the other club, they start dancing (or something similar to it), when they see a girl that’s completely smashed and realize she looks just like them when they’re drunk. The guys show up at the same club that the Meatballs are at, and fun ensues. Ron, Sam and Mike head home from the other club. The guys try and fail to bring girls home, and the Meatballs get lost on their way back.

The next day, the gang starts picking out clothes to take to Marco to hang on a clothesline in his pizza shop. It’s actually really cool to see some of the Italian culture, and the group has a heartfelt goodbye with the staff at the shop. For dinner, the guys grill up some American food in anticipation of Jersey. Since they’re getting ready to leave, the girls start cleaning up the house while the guys plan a sightseeing tour through Italy. The morning after, Snooki’s outside smoking while Mike talks to her. He continues to say he’s not going to Jersey, which isn’t working to make the house feel bad because nobody really wants him back.

The gang meets their tour guide, who is a hilarious looking/sounding guy waving an American flag. Half of the gang isn’t too happy about the walking tour since it’s hot out and kinda boring, but they still see a lot of cool stuff, while critiquing the statue David’s body of course. However, while everybody’s having a decent time, Mike wanders off from the group and sits on the ground, ignoring everyone. He continues to act like a kid, and it just makes everybody else even more angry with him.

As always, Vinny seems to be the only person who cares about everything he’s seen in Italy. Everybody gets in a few more minutes of sightseeing and some fun with each other before their busy night. While they’re all at dinner, Mike attempts to apologize to his Jersey family, but the girls still aren’t buying it. Everybody gets all fancied up and heads out to their last Italian club. Everything’s going good, but then Mike freaks out on someone that didn’t do anything to him. After that, the gang leaves to finish packing up and sleep. But while everyone else is sleeping, the Meatballs put every plant in the house on the table for some reason.

The house is abuzz with excitement as everybody gets ready to head back to Jersey. Over breakfast, Mike reveals that he actually IS going to Jersey after all. So all of that drama that’s been going on for the past few episodes? It pretty much amounted to nothing. In a quick little montage, everybody packs up and heads out to the airport.

And that’s how it ends, folks. Season 4 of Jersey Shore is finally over, and it looks like the gang will be sticking together for season 5. I would like to apologize to Italy for everything they did to you, because you are a beautiful country and the things they did to you are just awful. In all seriousness, I’m very excited to see what’s going to happen next season once the gang heads back to the shore for another summer.

Leave your favorite moments from season 4 in the comments below, and be sure to keep an eye out for next season’s recaps once it starts up. Ciao, Italia!