Jersey Shore Season 5-04 ‘Free Vinny’ Recap

Does anyone else have their fingers crossed that this week’s episode of Jersey Shore will be a little more interesting than the past few have? Of course, seeing everyone go a little crazy is fun, but so far that’s all it’s been. Seeing them act like grown-ups (kinda) is getting a little boring, so here’s to hoping they do something a lot more interesting tonight.

This week begins with Danny telling the roommates that he plans on getting a new roommate to fill the empty space left by Vinny. Mike is still upset about everyone “forgetting” his birthday, even though the girls have been planning a pretty big blowout for him and Pauly. The next morning, Pauly and the Meatballs head to work in hopes to put in a good effort for Danny and avoid getting a new roommate. After work, Deena calls Vinny to see if he wants to come to the surprise party but it sounds like he’s not going to.

Deena and Snooki head to Karma to set up the stripper party extravaganza nonsense as Ron and Mike head for work. Danny puts up a “help wanted” sign at the store, and after a bunch of girls come in asking for a job, Jenni tears it down. Of course, Danny notices and puts up another sign. Meanwhile, the Meatballs head to the party store and buy some bunny suits to make the house more entertaining. Even they are noticing how downplayed the action has been lately.

That night, they all head to Karma and Mike and Pauly still had no idea what was happening. As soon as they get there, everyone surprises them, and the birthday boys couldn’t be any happier. After getting handcuffed to their wheelchairs, they get to watch their strippers burst out of their cakes. Everyone dances, everything is sexy, blah blah blah. At the end of the night, Mike gets his girl, Pauly brings home his, Jenni ends up with Roger, and everyone has a good time…except for Mike’s girl, who complains about his socks having holes in them.

Ron and Deena try to call Vinny, but he doesn’t answer. He was also mysteriously absent at the party, which was strange because I think everyone expected a surprise appearance from him. The next night is couples night, so Deena calls Ron’s friend Joey for a date. Since everyone’s sitting around bored, Snooki throws on her Bunny outfit and scares Jenni with it. Later on, Jionni shows up with flowers and keeps Snooki home while the rest of the group heads to the club. Within an hour of getting there, Sam gets in a huuuuuuge catfight with some random girl at the club. She claims some girl grabbed her hair, so she freaked out and went all Hulkamania on her.

After they get kicked out, they head home and head to bed with their significant others. Deena gets interrupted by an alarm clock that refuses to shut off, which was the hilarious highlight of the night. The next morning, Mike talks more about how much he likes Paula, and he tries to act human again. After realizing that everyone is super bummed and bored, Pauly decides to rally the gang and go rescue Vinny. Before they leave, they all make “Free Vinny” shirts, and I kinda want one. Once they get there, they rush into his house and have their nice reunion, including a look at Vinny’s new tattoo. In the end, Vinny decides to go back to the shore, leaving his mom broken and the rest of the gang elated.

Next week on the Shore! Snooki has a UTI! Mike is being nice! Vinny is back! So I think it’s fair to say that Jersey Shore has finally found it’s groove for season five. Now that Vinny is back and everybody is out of their funk, the show can continue to be crazy, stupid fun. Let us know how you felt about Vinny’s homecoming in the comments, and keep an eye open for next week’s recap!