Jesse Quick To Speed Over To Legends Of Tomorrow For Guest Spot


This week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow saw Wally West arrive in a brief coda that teased his upcoming full-time stint on the Waverider. We’ve now learned, though, that the Legends will be encountering yet another speedster in an upcoming installment.

Entertainment Weekly has revealed that Violett Beane will be hopping over from The Flash to reprise her role as Jesse Quick on the time travelling show. She’s set to appear in episode 15, titled “Necromancing the Stone.” This means we’re going to have a double dose of the heroine next month, as she’s also due to turn up in an episode of The Flash airing on March 6th (which will feature John Wesley Shipp back in the role of Jay Garrick).

We previously learned that Beane was in Vancouver when her Flash co-star Candice Patton shared a snap of the actress on her Instagram account just the other week. We didn’t suspect that Jesse would be appearing on more than one show, however, so this is a pleasant surprise. Especially as Beane hasn’t shown up on the current season of the Arrowverse yet – minus a small holographic cameo.

It should also be interesting to see Jesse and Wally reunite, as the pair used to date. It appeared that things were getting pretty serious, too, although the fact that Jesse hails from Earth-2 caused complications. At the beginning of The Flash season 4, though, Jesse sent Wally a “break-up cube,” explaining that she needed some space. It came out of nowhere and fans were a bit miffed at how the relationship was treated, so hopefully we’ll get a proper exploration of Jesse’s reasons in this upcoming episode.

At the end of “Here I Go Again,” we checked in on Wally in China, where Rip Hunter had tracked him down in order to get his help “saving time.” We don’t know exactly what’s going on here just yet, but it’s possible that Rip is recruiting speedsters and this is how Jesse Quick will be brought on board.

Chalk that up as speculation for now, but we should find out soon enough, as Legends of Tomorrow “Necromancing the Stone” airs on March 19th.