Jessica Jones Enjoys A Post Massacre Drink In This New Promo


Following that first brief teaser for Marvel and Netflix’s upcoming Jessica Jones series, a new Japanese promo switches gears with a glimpse into the aftermath of a serious bar-room brawl between Krysten Ritter’s Jones and a whole bunch of hapless goons. Needless to say, our titular, former superheroine comes out on top, before sticking a very appropriate tune on the jukebox and knocking back a well earned shot.

The teaser is titled “Nightcap” (or obvious reasons) and seems to be trying to keep things slightly mysterious by once again hiding Jones’ face from the viewers – which would be a good tactic, if we hadn’t already seen her pretty mug in about a thousand set snaps as well as some officially released stills.

Anyway, it’s very likely these short previews are heralding a full trailer, so keep an eye out for that, as it should be hitting pretty soon. In the meantime, check out the plot summary below:

Marvel’s Jessica Jones will follow the titular superheroine “after a tragic ending to her short-lived super hero stint” and as she is now “rebuilding her personal life and career as a detective who gets pulled into cases involving people with extraordinary abilities in New York City.

Starring Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones), Mike Colter (Luke Cage), Rachel Taylor (Trish Walker) and David Tennant (Kilgrave) among others, the 13-episode Jessica Jones series will premiere on Netflix on November 20th, 2015