Jessica Jones Will Feature A Specific Controversial Comic Moment


Marvel and Netflix’s Jessica Jones will no doubt include several controversial scenes adapted straight from Brian Michael Bendis’ Alias comic series, but one in particular is bound to shock fans – many of whom used to joke that whatever else was shown, there was no way this particular moment would be used.

Initial reports from the NYCC screening of the first episode suggested Marvel had really taken things to an adult level with Jessica Jones, but details were kept to a minimum to avoid spoilers. Now though, Vulture has posted a breakdown of the scene that had the majority of the crowd in attendance gasping in disbelief.

When we first meet Jones in the comic, she’s in bed with Luke Cage, and the pair are… well, let’s just say they’re not having “conventional” sex. Here’s how Vulture describe the scene from the show.

Smash cut to Luke on top of Jessica in his bed, going at it with a sexual fury unlike anything Marvel (or DC, for that matter) has even come close to putting on screen. She eggs him on, and when he warns her that she might not be able to take it, she insists she can. At that point, he flips her over and starts taking her from behind while the camera focuses on her impassioned face. It’s a scene where Jessica is in total control of her sexuality. Whatever her reason may be for banging Luke, she’s doing it on her terms. It’s the way real-life grown-ups have sex, not the way neutered TV superheroes do. The audience at Comic Con seemed to simultaneously clutch its pearls and lean forward in titillated fascination.

I think after Daredevil, we all expected some bloody violence, but a graphic sex scene is definitely a first for any Marvel production, and it will be interesting to see how fans react to it when Jessica Jones premieres on November 20th.

Source: Vulture