Jessica Jones Gets An Ominous Message From Kilgrave In Latest Teaser


The latest promo for Marvel and Netflix’s upcoming  Jessica Jones TV series has landed, and not only does it finally give us a proper look at Krysten Ritter’s superheroine, but it heralds the introduction of the villain of the piece: David Tennant’s creepy Kilgrave, AKA the Purple Man.

The teaser begins with Jones putting a collage of photographs together as Kilgrave delivers his sinister voiceover. It’s clear that this guy has some very bad intentions towards the hero-turned-private eye, as her taunts with with “everything” he knows. As she completes the collage, Jones stands aghast at the image it’s formed, and we get our first official look at her tormentor.

In the Alias comics, the Purple Man takes control of Jessica’s mind and forces her to commit some pretty awful crimes. Things get very dark when he uses his influence to make her his sex slave – but it’s highly unlikely we’ll see anything quite that disturbing on the TV series. Then again, Daredevil did push boundaries on a few occasions, so you never know….

Jessica Jones also stars Mike Colter (Luke Cage) and Rachel Taylor (Trish Walker), and the 13-episode series will premiere on Netflix November 20th, 2015.