Jessica Jones Promo Teases The Daredevil Connection

Even though the entire first season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones is now available to stream on Netflix, the latest promo for the show contains some brand new footage not featured in any of the 13 episodes, giving us another little Daredevil-related tease.

For those of you who have finished binge-watching, you’ll know that Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple popped up towards the end of the series to make that initial connection to the Man Without Fear, but even though Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) was referenced, he never actually showed up despite early rumors that he’d be doing just that.

So, what’s with this promo? Well, we know all of the Netflix projects are connected and will eventually lead to The Defenders, so this is probably just here to remind us of that – unless of course it’s teasing an appearance from Krysten Ritter’s super-powered PI on next year’s second season of Daredevil?

Either way, it seem highly unlikely that Murdock and Jessica Jones won’t cross paths in some capacity before they team up to take on the undesirables of Hell’s Kitchen in The Defenders.