New Jessica Jones Season 2 Photos Reveal Intriguing Plot Details


The next Marvel/Netflix show on the horizon is the second season of Jessica Jones, arriving in March. Despite how close that is now, both companies are still keeping the lid on the new run of the hit series, with only one teaser trailer released so far. Hopefully, promotion will begin to ramp up soon, but until it does, we’ve now got a few new pics to feast on.

The photos might not look too spoiler-y at first glance, but upon closer inspection, they do feature some interesting new details. The first image is pretty much Jessica Jones 101, showcasing Krysten Ritter frowning while sitting at her desk in her Alias Investigations office. However, it looks like things will soon shake up for the titular hero as the second image reveals she’ll get in trouble with the police. Bizarrely wrapped in chains, the superhero sleuth appears to be making her one phone call while being held in custody.

The third and fourth images then highlight some members of the show’s supporting cast. Carrie-Anne Moss’ Jeri Hogarth is depicted as looking worried at something left unseen on her laptop – your guess is as good as ours for what this is about – while Jess’ adoptive sister Trish (Rachel Taylor) and neighbor Malcolm (Eka Darville) seem to be on their own mission, probably to help Jessica out. Whatever their objective is, it’s surely dangerous, as Trish is armed and ready for trouble.

These photos join some promo images released last month that confirmed David Tennant would be back in season 2 as the evil Kilgrave, despite the villain having his neck snapped by Jessica at the end of the last season. Another recent sneak peek gave us our first look at Janet McTeer’s mystery character as well, who will apparently make a big impact on the anti-heroine.

We don’t know much more than that at the moment, but all will be revealed when Jessica Jones lands on the streaming service on March 8th.