Jessica Jones Is Back For Unfinished Business In First Season 2 Trailer


It’s been a busy year for the Netflix arm of the MCU. After the disappointment that was Iron Fist, things picked up again with the long-awaited Defenders miniseries. Not to mention The Punisher, which arrived just last month. But now the streaming giant has reminded us that there’s even more awesomeness to come next year, and they’ve done so with this brand new trailer for Jessica Jones season 2.

The short, 55-second preview reminds us of why we fell for Krysten Ritter’s anti-heroine private eye in her debut season back in 2015. With Heart’s “Barracuda” on the soundtrack, we dive right back into Jessica’s world of detective work, fist fights and heavy drinking. It doesn’t give us much in regards to what season 2 will actually be about, but it does offer a few hints at what we can expect.

For one, it looks like Trish will encourage her adoptive sister to find out what happened in her past, suggesting the season will explore just how Jessica got her powers and what exactly the mysterious IGH organization introduced in season 1 is. After reminding us that Jessica has killed people, another clip shows her in trouble with the police. Will there be some fallout from what she did to Kilgrave last season?

Despite all this, the indisputable best bit of the trailer is the ending. What Marvel fan didn’t grin like an idiot when Jessica references Uncle Ben’s famous line to Peter Parker? Hey, Spider-Man: Homecoming left it out, so at least it’s now in the MCU somewhere, right?

Yesterday, a new image also revealed that David Tennant would be returning as the mind-controlling Kilgrave in season 2. This trailer doesn’t give us any clue as to how that’s possible, but now that the first footage is out in the open, we can expect more info to come our way over the next few months.

Jessica Jones season 2 is due to arrive on Netflix on March 8th, 2018.