Jessica Jones Season 2 Will Be Helmed Entirely By Female Directors

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The first season of Jessica Jones drew rave reviews for the way it handled its female lead and sensitive topics like sexual assault, but only around a third of those thirteen episodes had a female director at the helm. That’s set to change when the series returns to Netflix though, as showrunner Melissa Rosenberg has confirmed that each season 2 episode will be directed by a woman.

The executive producer revealed the news during the “Transforming Hollywood 7: Diversifying Entertainment” panel at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Originally, the plan was just to increase the number of female directors, but as the hunt continued, Marvel and Netflix committed to a fully female roster.

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Rosenberg also confirmed that the scripts for Jessica Jones season 2 are nearing completion ahead of shooting next year. That’s another exciting update, especially as it means we can likely expect to see the show back on the online streaming service by 2018. It was renewed shortly after the first outing was released, but Jessica Jones will next be seen in The Defenders next Fall.

The decision to hire female directors to take the helm of Jessica Jones isn’t all that different to what’s happened with the Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman movies, but it would also be nice to also see a non-male director in charge of a superhero adaptation featuring a male lead, as there’s really no reason why they can’t lend their talents to stories featuring characters of both sexes, right?