Jessica Jones Season 3 Set Video Teases Trish’s Transformation Into Hellcat


Jessica Jones season 2 was a hugely important one for the relationship between the eponymous super-powered super-sleuth and her adoptive sister, Trish Walker. The former child star turned wannabe journalist went off the deep-end, eventually killing Jess’ troubled mother, which split them apart. What’s more, due to an experimental procedure she’d put herself through earlier in the season, Trish’s last appearance in the finale teased that she’d developed enhanced reflexes.

Fans familiar with the comics were sure this meant that Trish was about to become Hellcat, her superhero alter-ego on the page, when JJ returns. And now that season 3 of the hit Marvel/Netflix drama is going before the cameras, a set video that’s leaked online only adds more fuel to the theory. Seen via the link below, it features actress Rachael Taylor performing her own stunts, as we see her running up a wall and back-flipping off of it.

We’re guessing that this footage will be part of one of the first episodes of the season, perhaps even the opener, as Taylor’s stunts suggest that Trish is testing her own limits at this stage, hinting that she’s yet to fully grasp what she can do with her newfound abilities. So far, it seems that her powers closely match what Hellcat is able to do in the source material, as she possesses catlike reflexes. Still, the character’s weirder powers like her mystical extra-senses and force-field generation likely won’t appear in the more grounded Jessica Jones.

Speaking of which, star Krysten Ritter believes Jess and Trish’s falling out could have a major effect on the show going forward, though she hopes that Jess’ new situation helps her become more of a hero. We’ll see how right the actress is about her predictions when Jessica Jones season 3 arrives on Netflix, probably sometime in 2019.

Source: Daily Mail