Jim Gordon Will Get A Mustache In Gotham Season 5


Gotham‘s fifth and final season promises to bring the DC prequel series to a close with style, as we’ve been told that it’ll do just about everything fans would want it to in order to get all the pieces on the board into the right places as it segues into the legendary Batman mythology.

And that doesn’t just refer to the big tentpole elements, either, like Bruce Wayne finally donning the Dark Knight’s cowl or Jeremiah Valeska moving further along the path to becoming the Joker. Aside from that, it seems a certain character will even get some comic book accurate facial hair when Gotham returns.

Yes, we’re talking about Ben McKenzie’s Jim Gordon, the future commissioner of Gotham City and Batman’s trusted ally on the force. The character has typically been clean-shaven on the show so far, but executive producer John Stephens revealed to ComicBook.com that Gordon will definitely get his mustache in season 5. “Ben is growing his facial hair as we speak,” he said.

And if you want some photographic evidence, we can provide that, too. McKenzie’s real life wife and Gotham co-star Morena Baccarin shared a shot of her family a few weeks ago, which featured her husband with a healthy amount of facial hair ahead of his return to work on Gotham.

Of course, McKenzie did kind of debut the Gordon face fur in the recent fourth season of the show, though only as part of a hallucination that David Mazouz’s boy billionaire experienced when he was infected with a toxin by Poison Ivy. This was just a shadow of the classic thick ‘stache that the character usually sports, too,

By the looks of things, the real deal in season 5 will be much closer to the Gordon we know from the likes of Gary Oldman’s portrayal on the big screen. Unfortunately, though, we won’t get a look at it until Gotham returns for one final time in 2019.

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