Jimmy Akingbola Joins Arrow Season 4 As Baron Blitzkrieg

Baron Blitzkrieg

Over the last few weeks, we’ve learned who Stephen Amell’s Emerald Archer would be facing on Arrow‘s upcoming fourth season – and now we know what the pre-vigilante Oliver Queen will be up against as well.

According to THR, Oliver will be going up against DC Comics character Baron Blitzkrieg in the season’s flashback sequences, who will be played by Rev and Sons of Liberty actor Jimmy Akingbola.

In the comics, Baron Blitzkrieg is the alter ego of Baron Reiter, and is predominantly a Wonder Woman villain whose roots go back to Nazi experimentation in World War II. He possesses superhuman strength, heat vision and can fly. He’s also the leader of a nefarious group of criminals called Shadowspire.

That’s all likely to be retrofitted for Arrow, though Shadowspire’s methods of supplying cartels with weapons, transportation and technology could still factor into the show, and could instead be part of the upcoming H.I.V.E. plot for the sake of more concise storytelling.

Until we know more information about Baron Blitzkrieg, feel free to leave your speculation in the comment section below.

Arrow will return for its fourth season on October 7th, 2015 on the CW.

Source: THR