Jodie Whittaker And Chris Chibnall Rumored To Leave Doctor Who In 2019


For fans of Doctor Who season 11, we’ve got some unfortunate news. Despite the latest run being well received by both critics and viewers (for the most part), and Jodie Whittaker doing an excellent job in the titular role, it seems things will soon be changing as a new star and creative team will take over in 2019.

Starburst Magazine is reporting that a source at the BBC has told them that showrunner Chris Chibnall isn’t happy with how things are being run behind the scenes and is looking to quit Doctor Who after season 12. If that happens, then apparently Whittaker will walk out the door with him, as she doesn’t want to continue on if he leaves.

Another outlet, fansite Outpost Skaro, believes that 2019 will bring us only five or six episodes plus a Christmas special. This is due to the BBC’s demand for at least one season a year but Chibnall claiming that a “full series-a-year is unsustainable.” As such, he’s decided to compromise and produce only a handful of episodes. That being said, though, if the BBC is unable to find a new showrunner by 2019, Chibnall may need to oversee all 10 installments, which would be split between 2019 and 2020.

But circling back to Jodie, and Outpost Skaro says “a series-a-year will be too much for the young mum” and the actress will likely “hand over the keys to the TARDIS, as is tradition, next Christmas.” But it’s not only Whittaker and Chibnall who are on their way out, as Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole will likely walk away from the show, too, while Mandip Gill’s status is said to be unknown at the moment.

Of course, the BBC has yet to officially comment on any of this and until they do, we advise taking it all with a pinch of salt. It would, however, be a real shame if Jodie and Chris only lasted two seasons. This new era of Doctor Who may have done away with several longtime traditions, but it’s been thoroughly enjoyable so far and fans seem to love having Whittaker in the lead role. With any luck, things will be sorted out behind the scenes and she’ll be able to stay in the TARDIS a bit longer, but right now, it’s certainly not sounding good.