Jodie Whittaker Confirms She’ll Return For Doctor Who Season 12


There’d been some recent internet scuttlebutt that Jodie Whittaker was going to pull a Christopher Eccleston and depart after just one season of Doctor Who. I never paid much attention to the rumors, as she’s always seemed very positive about playing the Doctor and most of the talk about her leaving originated from news sources who are, shall we say, often wide of the mark. Even so, it’s nice to be able to confirm that the actress will definitely be returning as the Thirteenth Doctor for season 12.

The confirmation comes via The Hollywood Reporter, who report Whittaker as saying the following:

“I really can’t wait to step back in and get to work again. It’s such an incredible role. It’s been an extraordinary journey so far and I’m not quite ready to hand it over yet.”

While season 11 has had its ups (“It Takes You Away“) and downs (“Kerblam!“), Whittaker’s interpretation of the Doctor has been widely praised by fans and critics alike. After all, when the most common criticism seems to be that the writers aren’t giving you enough opportunities to show off your skills, you’re probably doing something right.

Anyway, the BBC would be a fool to get rid of Whittaker, as the current season may yet go on to earn the highest average viewing figures in the history of the show. Not to mention that the New Year’s special will see her encounter the Daleks for the first time.

Considering that many of the season 11 scripts were written with Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in mind, I’d hope that season 12 will play a lot more to Whittaker’s many strengths and define her Doctor a lot more clearly in comparison to what came before. There’s been a mission statement to avoid delving too much into continuity with her first season – hence the lack of many classic monsters in it – but if they’re bringing the Daleks back, then I’m sure we’ll see some familiar and gruesome faces popping up next year.

Season 12 of Doctor Who will start shooting in early 2019 and is expected to air that fall. And as soon as we hear more about what’s in store, we’ll be sure to let you know.