Jodie Whittaker Describes What Her Doctor Will Be Like


Taking on a job like the lead in Doctor Who is a life-changing career move, as it’s not just a unique acting role but also a world famous TV series that often garners a lot of scrutiny and interest. As you no doubt know, the part of the immortal Time Lord currently rests on Jodie Whittaker’s shoulders and you can be sure that she’s not taking the job lightly, telling IGN that it means “everything” to her.

The star, known for her work in the likes of Broadchurch and Black Mirror before snagging the much sought after Doctor Who role launched her into the stratosphere, also spoke a bit about what the show means to her personally, saying:

“It celebrates change, it celebrates inclusivity, inclusiveness, and all versions of that. [It also celebrates] the past, the future, humanity, and species that you can’t even get your head around even existing. And I think as an actor, as a human, I am excited by all the possibilities of what playing the Doctor opens your eyes to.”

Echoing showrunner Chris Chibnall’s previous comments, the actress explained how this season is meant for everyone – newcomers and diehard alike.

“This show is for everyone. It’s an action-adventure, it’s emotional, it’s funny, it’s epic, it’s scary. It’s something that you, as a family, can sit and watch together, and it doesn’t exclude anyone — and I think that is a pretty unique show in that sense. “

Whittaker’s actually a new Whovian herself, having never really watched it much growing up. Despite this, she found the new run to be very engaging and inclusive.

“I’m a new Whovian, so this season is essentially targeted at someone like me, who’s seen bits of it, but was not brought up with it. I found it incredibly engaging, and inclusive, and representative of the world I live in today, in what is happening in the world today, and using that and taking the story forward.”

And as for what we can expect from her Doctor in particular, well, here’s what Whittaker teased:

“The Doctor I play is a hopeful Doctor that is ready to embrace every new experience with a glass full of light, and I couldn’t be more excited to play the role. “

Of course, every new season of Who is a reason to celebrate, but this one is especially important as after 50 years of male leads, Whittaker will become the first actress to take on the role of the Time Lord and it’s clear from everything we’ve seen of her in the part that the producers made the right choice.

Said to be “hopeful and fizzing with wonder,” the ten-episode, eleventh season of Doctor Who is headed for an October premiere on the BBC. But will you be tuning in when it debuts? Let us know by dropping a comment down below.

Source: IGN