Jodie Whittaker Hilariously Critiques Her Doctor Who Performance


Jodie Whittaker has been wowing the world as the Thirteenth Doctor on the latest season of Doctor Who, but the actress has revealed that she’s not the biggest fan of watching herself back on screen.

The star recently attended a special screening of the show’s New Year’s special, titled “Resolution,” and commented on what she took away from her performance in the episode in a Q&A afterwards.

“The thing that always surprises me is I have a face like Play-Doh. I always think I’m quite contained. Then when I see it, I’m not. I’m quite animated. I’m at times devastated and at times delighted with it, but always really surprised.”

She’s certainly right there. Whittaker’s exaggerated facial expressions have already become legendary amongst Whovians, with some of the most memorable ones including the look of disgust on the Doctor’s face when Graham puts a hand on her shoulder as they go undercover as a married couple (“Rosa”). Or the look of utter joy when she’s invited round to Yaz’s for tea after she thinks her friends are going to abandon her (“Arachnids in the U.K.”).

No doubt the Doctor will be pulling some more extreme faces later tonight in “Resolution,” as everything’s pointing towards the Daleks returning in the hour-long episode. The Time Lord’s nemeses were confirmed via a sound clip of a Dalek crying “EXTERMINATE!” used in the most recent promo, making this the first time that Thirteen has faced a classic monster from the show’s past.

This should make “Resolution” extra special, which is good, as it’s set to be the only Doctor Who episode airing in 2019. Season 12 isn’t due to arrive until early 2020 and will once again star Whittaker alongside her season 11 co-stars Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole.

Before then, though, be sure to catch the Thirteenth Doctor’s last adventure for a while when it drops on BBC America/One at 7PM.

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