Jodie Whittaker Picks Her Favorite Companion In New Doctor Who Season 12 Set Pic


The Thirteenth Doctor travels around time and space with her three best pals, but it seems that Jodie Whittaker has a favorite of her co-stars. At least, according to this hilarious behind the scenes image from filming on Doctor Who season 12.

Production began on the next run of the hit BBC sci-fi series earlier this month – kicking off with some overseas filming in South Africa – and the official Doctor Who Twitter account shared a snap from the production recently which sees Whittaker hugging co-star Tosin Cole, who in turn’s keeping a grumpy-looking Mandip Gill at arm’s length. “Three’s a crowd,” the caption reads.

In contrast to Gill’s treatment in the below photo, we’ve been told that Yaz Khan will get more to do next season. A common criticism of season 11 was that her character was the most underwritten of the quartet but showrunner Chris Chibnall has hinted that the new run’s set to explore the balance between Yaz’s everyday life as a policewoman and her time travels in the TARDIS.

Not featured in this pic is the fourth and final member of the TARDIS team, Bradley Walsh, who plays Graham O’Brien. Though there were fan theories that guessed Graham was going to die before the end of season 11, those turned out to be way off base as the character will return alongside his step-grandson Ryan (Cole) and Yaz when season 12 airs.

Speaking of which, we still don’t know exactly when the next batch of episodes will arrive. We’ve been promised that Doctor Who will return to our screens in “very early 2020”, instead of this fall, which we’re taking to mean either January or February. It’s expected to be another 10×50 minute episode season, too, though we don’t know what that means for the fate of the traditional one-off special, as there’s been no mention of anything on that front yet. As always, though, watch this space for more.

Source: Twitter