Jodie Whittaker Says She’s Really Proud Of Doctor Who Season 11


Doctor Who season 11 brought us one of the show’s most powerful hours ever with “Rosa,” which had the TARDIS traveling back to 1950s Alabama where the Doctor and her pals found themselves caught up in the terrible racism that plagued the state at the time. It was a terrific episode on the whole and in a recent poll conducted by Radio Times, where close to 10,000 people voted, 31% chose “Rosa” as their favorite hour of Jodie Whittaker’s debut run.

Following that was “Kerblam!” and “Demons of the Punjab,” which picked up 15% and 11% of the vote, respectively, and rounding out the top 5 were “It Takes You Away” and “The Women Who Fell To Earth,” while last place went to “The Tsuranga Conundrum.”

That’s a pretty accurate representation of how most people felt about the season, but if you were to ask Jodie Whittaker herself, she’d tell you that the entire run was something to write home about. Speaking to BBC Radio 2, the actress was asked about her thoughts on season 11 of the show and said the following:

“I feel really proud and I feel quite emotional about the whole thing because I feel finally we can talk about it. Finally, we’ve shared our work. There’s a lot of effort goes into keeping this for the fans, so that you only see the final product.

There’s a lot of interest beforehand to get photos of this, or leaks of that, and for us, as an ensemble of creatives, whether it be the cast or the writers or the composer or the art department, you want to share this final thing. So finally, it’s out there, and we can have this series that we can be, and I feel really proud of,” she finished.

Despite its ups and downs, this past outing for Doctor Who was certainly a memorable one on the whole and Whittaker’s right to feel proud of it. There were some truly terrific hours in season 11 and the actress silenced all the doubters who thought she wouldn’t be able to nail the role.

Thankfully, then, we’ve still got one more hour left, as Jodie and co. will return for the annual festive special. It’ll air on New Year’s Day and will bring about the return of the Daleks. You’d be smart to tune for it, too, as after that, Doctor Who won’t be back on our screens again until 2020 and you can bet it’ll be a long wait.

Source: Express