Joel Kinnaman Cast As The Lead In Netflix’s Adaptation Of Altered Carbon

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Robocop reboot star Joel Kinnaman has been cast as the lead in Netflix’s upcoming Altered Carbon adaptation. The show has been written and created by Laeta Kalogridis (screenwriter on Terminator Genisys and Shutter Island), with Miguel Sapochnik (Game of Thrones) on board to direct the pilot.

Based off the book of the same name by Richard K. Morgan, the series has a bit of a doozy of a set-up, so strap in: the story is set 500 years in the future where mankind has figured out how to digitally download consciousness and upload it into a new body. Since physical death isn’t so much a big deal anymore, elite U.N. warrior Takeshi Kovacs has shrugged off the afterlife a few times. But after one particularly nasty death, he gets plunged into a giant conspiracy and a mysterious murder case that could bring everything crashing down.

No other cast members have been announced just yet and there’s still no word on when Altered Carbon will premiere. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the show’s progress though, so stay tuned.