John Cena says ‘Peacemaker’ opens with a “full-on” musical number

John Cena has given some details to the opening musical number to HBO Max’s new series, Peacemaker, in which he plays the titular role.

Cena was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to talk about the upcoming series, which follows the journey of The Suicide Squad and will showcase what comes next for the sarcastic and peace-seeking hero. 

When Fallon talked about Peacemaker‘s opening number, Cena said it’s a can’t miss experience. Fallon described the number as “full-on choreographed dancing, full-on serious face by the way.” The pair share a laugh as he mimics a dance style that has fans excited for what’s to come.

The big dance number. Dare you to skip the intro. Not quite ‘Too Many Cooks’, but it’s good. I mean, you’ll all see it, I hope, on HBO Max.”

Immediately after, Cena got serious about the entire event; the thing is, Peacemaker‘s agenda is to find peace by any means necessary, and comedy isn’t always an essential part of the conversation where the hero is concerned. In addition to an exciting dance number and a lot of comedy, the heart of Peacemaker is about wanting to be a superhero, says Cena.

Fans can see Peacemaker, and the theatrical opening number, beginning this Thursday on HBO Max.