John Diggle Suits Up As Green Lantern In Elseworlds Fan Art


There were so many amazing easter eggs that came out of “Elseworlds,” but one that’s really delighted fans is a brief line that seems to make a long-held theory canon.

If you’ve been an Arrow fan for a while, you might have heard the theories that John Diggle is a version of John Stewart, a member of the Green Lantern Corps in the comics. Well, in “Elseworlds,” John Wesley Shipp’s Flash from Earth-90 crossed over to Earth-1 to issue a dire warning to the Arrowverse heroes. However, he became distracted when he noticed Diggle. “John?” he questioned, suggesting the pair are old friends. “Where’s your ring?”

The implication here is obvious: Diggle’s doppelganger on Earth-90 is a Green Lantern – the ring that Flash-90 was referring to naturally being the green power ring. No doubt actor David Ramsay loved this, too, as he pretty much suggested this outcome at a convention earlier this year.

Now, in response to the reference in “Elseworlds Part 2,” fan artist Boss Logic dug out his old piece that imagines Diggle as a Lantern from back in 2015. He captioned the awesome image: “#throwback 2015.”

So, now that this concept’s been introduced, could we ever see David Ramsay suit up as GL in the Arrowverse? Well, if it’s ever going to happen, it would be in next year’s crossover, which was teased in a shock reveal at the end of last night’s “Elseworlds” conclusion. In case you haven’t heard, it’s “Crisis On Infinite Earths,” confirming that The CW is tackling the massive comic book event that unites the multiverse together. If they can get the rights to Green Lantern for the crossover, then they have to get Ramsay to play him.

Elseworlds” also revealed that Batman exists in the Arrowverse for the first time as well. Specifically, on both Earth-1 and Earth-38. Although, the former’s been missing in action for three years, leaving Bruce Wayne’s cousin Kate Kane to take over from him as Batwoman. And we’ll see more from her in her very own spinoff next fall.

Source: Boss Logic