John Ridley Reveals Why He’s Tackling A Marvel TV Series For ABC


Over the next couple of years, Marvel and ABC will be expanding their presence on TV well beyond just Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter. As well as a spinoff – Marvel’s Most Wanted – focusing on Mockingbird, they’re also working on a sitcom revolving around the members of Damage Control, the people who clean up the messes left by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

However, perhaps their most mysterious project is the one being tackled by American Crime‘s John Ridley. We still have no idea who it will revolve around or what it will involve, but he’s clearly keen to make it a reality:

“I grew up reading graphic novels, which back then were comic books. I’ve written some. I have kids who, with as much social impact that American Crime or 12 Year A Slave has, they could not care less. They’re just at that age. Back in the day, when I was growing up with things like Star Wars and Superman, they were quality work. We’ve seen really good things that are based on these fantastic universes. And I can’t talk much, at all, about it, but when Marvel and ABC approached me about the project, it felt like a good fit. Look at Jessica Jonesand what they’re doing. It’s quality stuff. So, I hope and believe that, if we have the opportunity to do it, it will be done with quality. Because it is something that people maybe go, “Why would John do that?'”

Ridley’s enthusiasm is easy to see, but with no official updates from Marvel and a lack of details about what to expect, it’s hard to get too excited about this one just yet.

Still, the showrunner’s involvement alone obviously makes this project well worth keeping an eye on, and as DC currently rule the small screen with the likes of Arrow and The Flash, it’s going to be interesting to see how well Marvel does when they begin to expand their horizons away from just Agent Coulson and his team.