The Master Shows Off His Costume In New Doctor Who Photos


Doctor Who fans are currently counting down the days until the weekend, when John Simm’s incarnation of the Master returns to the show for the first time since 2010. The Time Lord villain (who previously battled David Tennant’s Doctor) will face off against Peter Capaldi, as well as bump into his future self – Michelle Gomez’s Missy.

Today, the BBC has released a whole bunch of promo images for the upcoming episode, titled “World Enough And Time,” and, among other things, they give us our first look at the Master’s new duds. You can check them all out down in the gallery below.

Though the Master’s usually a snappy dresser, John Simm’s incarnation was never much of a follower of fashion. In his first appearance, he wore a simple suit and then he swapped that for an old hoodie in his later episodes. For his return, though, he’s definitely taking tips from his previous selves from the classic Doctor Who series.

The black long coat with a high collar (though Simm wears it unbuttoned) is very similar to the one worn by Roger Delgado from 1971 to 1974. As we pointed out when discussing the recent trailer, Simm’s beard also calls back to Delgado’s portrayal. Not only that, but fans will recognize the device in his hand as his lethal laser screwdriver (“who’d have sonic?”), previously seen in 2007’s “Last of the Time Lords.”

“World Enough and Time” is the start of the two-part season finale which will also feature the return of the original Mondasian Cybermen, last seen in the show in 1966. Judging by these photos, it seems that writer Steven Moffat is pulling out all the stops to please fans one last time before he bows out of the showrunner position at Christmas. Peter Capaldi is also leaving at the end of the year, with his replacement yet to be revealed – though already chosen.

Doctor Who is currently airing on Saturday nights at 9PM on BBC America. Will you be tuning in for the season finale? Drop us a comment in the usual place and let us know!

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