John Wesley Shipp To Appear As Jay Garrick On Stargirl Season 2

The Flash

Stargirl‘s first crossover with the Arrowverse is happening. The Brec Bassinger-fronted series has always been closely associated with the well-populated DC TV franchise, thanks to its dual airing on The CW and DC Universe and Bassinger’s cameo as Courtney Whitmore – via pre-recorded footage – in “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” But now, word has broken that one of the Arrowverse’s heroes will appear in Stargirl season 2.

Entertainment Weekly has shared the news that The Flash‘s John Wesley Shipp is set to guest star on the show, once again playing the role of Golden Age Scarlet Speedster Jay Garrick. Shipp will feature in what’s being described as a “pivotal flashback episode” that’ll establish Garrick as having been part of Earth-2’s Justice Society of America. Garrick was previously glimpsed in a photo in season 1, with his winged helmet also being seen, but this is the first time he’ll properly appear.

Of course, this announcement confirms another consequence of the multiversal reboot that happened at the end of “Crisis.” Pre-“Crisis,” Jay hailed from Earth-3. Now we know that he existed on Earth-2, Stargirl’s home dimension, instead. A different version of the JSA was previously established on Earth-1, but it’s not known if they were still around in Earth-Prime’s revised history. The sad thing is, though, that the flashback nature of Shipp’s role likely means that Garrick is dead in the present day.

The Flash John Wesley Shipp

Shipp played Barry Allen in 1990’s The Flash TV series, a role he got to reprise in both “Elseworlds” and “Crisis,” with Earth-90’s Barry ultimately dying heroically. His first Arrowverse part was as Henry Allen, before he was killed by Zoom and he started playing Garrick instead. Given the deaths of his other characters, then, I guess it makes sense if Garrick has met his fate, too.

Stargirl season 2 will air exclusively on The CW, with Courtney and the rebooted JSA battling a reinvigorated, even more dangerous version of the Injustice Society. Look for it to arrive later this year.