Jon Bernthal Joins Daredevil Season 2 As The Punisher


Great news, Punisher fans! The day you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived, as Marvel has just announced that Frank Castle will make a trip to Hell’s Kitchen for Daredevil‘s second season, and that he’ll be played by The Walking Dead alum Jon Bernthal.

Marvel didn’t divulge many details about Castle’s role in the next season, though the studio did tease that “He is a vigilante who aims to clean up New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen by any means necessary, no matter how lethal the results.” Now that Matt Murdock has fully suited up as the titular Man Without Fear, he’ll likely come to blows with Castle as their differing ideologies and methods for cleaning up their city clash.


The Punisher has topped several fan wishlists for Daredevil‘s second season (including our own), and the character was recently rumored to be getting his own series when Phase Two of Marvel’s Netflix slate arrives. Placing the character in Daredevil will not only please the deadly vigilante’s rabid fanbase (who’ve now been scorned by three lackluster film adaptations), but serve as a great way to test the character out before handing him his own show.

Marvel’s Head of Television, Jeph Loeb, released the following statement to commemorate Bernthal’s casting:

“Jon Bernthal brings an unmatched intensity to every role he takes on, with a potent blend of power, motivation and vulnerability that will connect with audiences. Castle’s appearance will bring dramatic changes to the world of Matt Murdock and nothing will be the same.”

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Daredevil season two will air on Netflix next spring.

Source: Marvel