Jon Favreau explains how the MCU inspired ‘The Book of Boba Fett’

Boba Fett

If you need somebody to launch a sprawling, interconnected mythology under the Disney umbrella, then history has shown that Jon Favreau is your guy.

Having directed the first two installments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe via Iron Man and its sequel, which involved fighting hard to have Robert Downey Jr. cast as Tony Stark before establishing the template for blending action and comedy that the franchise still adheres to thirteen years later, Favreau’s contributions to the comic book genre changed blockbuster cinema forever.

After that, he set up shop at Lucasfilm and spearheaded The Mandalorian, the bedrock for which an entire small screen Star Wars mythology would be built upon. The Book of Boba Fett is just four days away from premiering, and in an interview with The New York Times, Favreau admitted there are similarities between the Disney Plus side of a galaxy far, far away, and the MCU.

“[There are] characters within the same franchise making appearances across several different properties. Star Wars is something where the audience is just as much a component as what you’re putting out there as a filmmaker. For people who didn’t grow up at that time, it’s hard to understand how starved we were for information about Star Wars. You’d buy magazines with photo spreads. You’d buy the toys and play with them. By the time Boba Fett appeared onscreen, we felt like we already knew him.”

Plenty of would-be universes and franchises have attempted to read from the Marvel Studios playbook with varying degrees of success, but we’d feel safe in saying that Star Wars isn’t going to stumble. After all, it’s got the shared connection of Disney and Favreau, so the future of the beloved property appears to be in supremely safe hands.