See Jon Hamm Direct Mad Men Season 5 Premiere


Want to see Jon Hamm directing the season five premiere of Mad Men? If so, today is your lucky day as EW has debuted the first photo from the upcoming season and it features Mr. Don Draper himself taking a stab at directing the first episode of season five.

“I don’t remember if we were discussing a scene or Albert Pujols’s impending free agency, but suffice to say ‘directing’ is fun,” says Hamm.

It does indeed look as if the actor is having a good time on set and I’m eager to see how his directorial debut turns out. March 2012 is a long ways away but knowing that production on the show is currently underway is reassuring, especially after the tense negotiations that took place with AMC a few months back.

Hopefully the Mad Men goodies will keep coming and it shouldn’t be too long now before we get our first promo for the upcoming season.

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