Jon Hamm Locked In For The Next 3 Years On Mad Men

The biggest hole left in the TV schedule this year is the severe lack of Mad Men. Due to numerous tense negotiations for Matthew Weiner to get a fifth season, as well as a sixth season and a three year deal with Lionsgate, the production was halted and the usual summer slot for Mad Men has now been pushed back. Despite this, the future of the hit cable series just got a whole lot sturdier.

Jon Hamm who has led the show as enigmatic ad man Don Draper has just locked in his 3 year deal which has led to a reported 8 figure salary. Weiner’s negotiation for a 7th and final season have only been subbed with Lionsgate TV, AMC only has a deal for Season 5 and 6, but Hamm’s deal now effectively ensures that the show will run its natural course. As well as returning as Don Draper for 39 more episodes, Hamm will also turn his hand to directing for the Season 5 premiere.

With awards season coming up for TV, Mad Men is still the hot contender for top awards. Yesterday it won the Critics Choice TV Awards for Best Drama and Best Actor, Weiner is hoping for a similar success at the Emmys, especially for his actors and especially Hamm, all of whom have been unrecognised for their stellar work in the show by the Academy. He said:

I think he’s deserving of an Emmy in everything he’s ever been in. I think about it… It’s like your family or your kid, you want to do things for them, you want them to be recognized. And him having this episode is about as good of a chance as possible.

The episode he’s referring to is The Suitcase, easily the finest of any Mad Men episode and one which Weiner hopes will bring some awards to his actors. The Emmys nominations will be announced on July 14th so I guess we’ll know in a few weeks if the Academy is going to favor one of television’s best shows.

Missing out on its usual summer spot, Mad Men will return to our screens next year in March.

Source: Deadline

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