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Jonathan Majors domestic violence trial hit with an inevitable update

This has proven to be a drawn-out process.

Jonathan Majors
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The trial for Jonathan Majors’ domestic violence charges has been delayed once again even as the Kang the Conqueror actor continues having a presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the forthcoming Loki season 2.

This all comes after numerous delays in the legal process that was supposed to culminate Wednesday in the proper beginning of the trial but that didn’t end up happening. Rather, what we got was a brief hearing in which a future hearing was scheduled for September 15 where the actual trial date will be determined, barring further delays, as Deadline reported.

Despite these public legal struggles, Disney has opted to keep Majors in its ongoing MCU as Kang for now. In addition, a forthcoming bodybuilding drama called Magazine Dreams had some initial Oscar buzz for Majors’ performance prior to the allegations but that is no longer the main discourse surrounding Majors in the news. Despite this, the Disney-owned Searchlight Pictures is still set to release the film on December 3.

However, those few projects, filmed largely before the allegations, are generally the exception when it comes to Majors’ career right now following his arrest and arraignment. For instance, he was dropped from his talent agency and PR team and saw a number of film and ad campaign roles — such as for the U.S. Army — get dropped.

All of this stems from an incident on March 25 in which Majors was actually the one who called 911. However, Majors ended up being arrested and could even face a year in jail for the misdemeanor charges being leveled by the Manhattan prosecutor’s office.

While the previous trial delay last month saw Assistant District Attorney Kelli Galaway asking the judge for more time for the process of discovery, it is now Majors’ defense lawyers — Priya Chaundhry and Seth Zuckerman — who are citing discovery “deficiencies” and asking for the delay this time around. However, Galaway now says the prosecution side is ready for trial.

According to reports from NYPD officers, Majors’ ex-girlfriend was seen suffering “minor injuries to her head and neck” stemming from the incident in question. However, Chaudhry and Majors’ team maintains the actor is “completely innocent.”

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