Joseph Kosinski Is Developing Sci-Fi Series Ballistic City For AMC

AMC is sitting pretty high on the TV ladder right now. Finding massive success in shows like Mad Men, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, the network is giving HBO a run for its money. Now, they’re looking to expand once again and this time, into the sci-fi genre with a show titled Ballistic City.

TRON: Legacy and Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski is teaming up with Pacific Rim writer Travis Beacham to develop the project for the network. The premise is set “in a city contained within a spaceship that’s headed to an unknown world, following a former cop who falls into the criminal underworld, in something that’s described as a cross between Blade Runner and Battlestar Galactica.”

Personally, this sounds like a killer concept, especially with Kosinski and Beacham on board. Both individuals know the genre well and the prospect of them working together to develop Ballistic City is a very promising one.

I’m a sucker for good sci-fi. When someone can come up with a truly unique vision for the genre, I’ll always be down to give it a try. With Ballistic City, it sounds like we’ll be getting exactly that. And the whole cross between Blade Runner and Battlestar Galactica sounds excellent as well, as both of those properties are amongst the best in the genre. So all things considered, count me in.

As for the talent involved, well, Kosinski is a very interesting director, with a strong sense for exciting visuals. Admittedly, his storytelling isn’t the greatest but that’s where Beacham comes in, whose work on Pacific Rim is earning him a lot of positive buzz. And let’s not forget that AMC is involved. At this stage, I can’t see the network putting out a bad show.

What do you think though? Does Ballistic City appeal to you?