Judd Apatow’s 22-Year-Old Script For The Simpsons Is Getting Produced

The chances of getting your spec Simpsons script made into an episode are even lower than the chances that Colin Trevorrow will get to helm a Star Wars film, given that the show doesn’t actually accept spec submissions and you’d just be wasting your precious years writing one. Unless, of course, you plan to be an established celebrity at some point in future. In that case, write a spec script for a show you anticipate will one day run low on steam and will need to bring in 22-year-old spec scripts that weren’t good enough in the heyday.

That’s what Judd Apatow did, anyway, given that he wrote a script for a Simpsons episode that never got made, and though nobody wanted it all the way back in 1989 – when just six Simpsons episodes had aired – they absolutely want it now.

The Knocked Up director revealed such absurd goings-on during an interview he did with Conan O’Brien, in which he goes on to explain that the plot concerns Homer going to a hypnotist and emerging as his 10-year-old self, which results in him and Bart bonding and becoming the best of friends.

Actually a nice idea, except for the fact that it was kind of… uh, done in that episode where Homer visits a hypnotist and emerges thinking he’s a kid. Oh, you think The Simpsons care about a little thing like originality anymore? You try and write 500 episodes of something, buddy!

Source: EW

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