Judy Greer To Headline Comedy Pilot For Fox


Judy Greer is finally carving out a space of her very own, with a comedy pilot for Fox, written by Red Oaks staff writer Laura Steinel. The show is currently untitled, but revolves around a Human Resources department headed by a talented and ambitious woman, played by Greer. This move to a headlining position follows two seasons of the FX series Married, in addition to her ongoing supporting role on the award-winning animated comedy show, Archer, and several high profile appearances in feature film.

In the pilot, Greer will play Jane – an overworked and perennially undervalued Head of Human Resources, who works for a plastic molding plant in New Jersey. When an outlandish, driven new CEO arrives, Jane must contend with plans for fundamental changes in the direction of the company, and all who work within it – all of which makes her job considerably more hellish than it was in the first place.

For many fans of excellent television comedy, a central, leading role for Judy Greer is long overdue. While she has gradually worked her way to the upper-most section of several cast lists, such as Married, she has never really been the sole focus of a television narrative – required to carry an entire plot on her talented shoulders. She’s best known for her memorable supporting turns in series such as Arrested Development, Masters Of Sex, Mom and Californication – each of which stick in the mind simply because she has repeatedly proven herself to be a guaranteed scene-stealer within impressive ensemble casts.

With the show coming from the pen of relative newcomer Laura Steinel, this pilot from Fox feels like something very new and fresh – particularly now it has Judy Greer in the lead role. Steinel will also executive produce, and Jeff Schaffer is currently attached to direct. The question now becomes which performers will fill out the wider cast, however – most specifically the role of the new CEO. It is difficult not to wish for Will Arnett, since he and Greer delivered perfect on-screen sparring in each of their Arrested Development scenes, but time will eventually tell on this one.

Source: THR

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