Jughead Actor Open To Exploring More Intimate Aspects Of The Character On Riverdale


From what we’ve gleaned from various trailers for Riverdale, the show will have no shortage of drama and scandal, a notion supported by the recently released synopsis for the second episode. It appears Archie Andrews is quite the ladies’ man and will juggle Betty, Veronica, and even Miss Grundy.

But what of the rest of the cast?

Jughead Jones has often been known to care more about eating burgers than with having a romantic life, much to the chagrin of one Ethel Muggs. That theme was recently taken to its logical end in Chip Zdarsky’s rebooted Jughead solo series when it was revealed the character is actually asexual.

Actor Cole Sprouse recently told CBR that while he’s open to exploring that aspect, it’s ultimately up to the show’s creative minds:

“First off, I personally would love to see that exploration, but I’m just the actor. At the end of the day, to say that that’s my job or my duty, is probably a misunderstanding of the writers’ role and the director’s role and the producer’s role. Like, if I was in full creative charge of this character, things obviously would be different. Things, obviously, would go a certain way, but it seems to me that they’re not going to explore that angle.”

As he continued, it became apparent that he’s done his homework:

“To me, that’s kind of unfortunate, to be quite honest. I think there’s a lot of room for growth in that, and I think that kind of representation is quite interesting, and I think it’s needed, frankly. But this is also one of those things where it’s only really been canon in a single iteration of the Archie universe, and that’s [Chip] Zdarsky’s universe. It was said very shortly in passing, and it really wasn’t addressed with kind of the fullness that I think it should have been addressed with.”

Riverdale premieres on Thursday, January 26 on The CW.

Source: CBR