New Justice League Action Clip Finds Mark Hamill Voicing Swamp Thing


In the DC universe, Mark Hamill is best known for his iconic voice performance as the Joker. But the actor is ready to branch out a little bit. On the newest episode of Cartoon Network’s Justice League Action, Hamill embodies a different comic book character altogether: Swamp Thing. If you’re wondering how his version of the green character compares to the one he helped immortalize, you won’t have to wait long – a new clip from the episode was just released. You can watch it up above.

Although time will be the truest test, it’s doubtful Hamill’s Swamp Thing will be remembered and celebrated quite like his Joker — at least based on this first impression. He’s not bad, of course, but it doesn’t make much of an impact, and it’s sometimes hard to hear over modulations made to his voice in post-production. In any case, it’s an interesting peek into the actor’s well-displayed range.


One can get a better idea of Hamill’s Swamp Thing when the character shows up on Justice League Action in “Zombie King,” the episode-in-question, which airs tomorrow. Is Hamill hoping to expand his reach, or is this merely a bit of stunt casting? That’s for one to decide on their own, I suppose. His voice acting talents are extraordinary, to be sure, and it’s always great to see how much the veteran actor can expand his reach in the voice booth. While Swamp Thing won’t be cherished in quite the same way as Mr. J, one reckons, it’s still a promising turn.

Tell us, do you look forward to Hamill’s Swamp Thing in Justice League Action? And do you want to see the legendary actor/voice actor play any other popular DC characters while he’s in the process of jumping around? Let us know in the usual spot.