Avengers 4 Star Karen Gillan Shares Mysterious New Photo Of Nebula


Production has now completed on the reshoots for Avengers 4, and one of the stars has given us a fresh look at their character.

Guardians of the Galaxy actress Karen Gillan took to Instagram to share a brand new promo shot of Nebula, cyborg assassin and adoptive daughter of Thanos. The stylish pic stars a somber Nebula, with her head titled downward and her eyes closed. A hint at the devastating end of Avengers 4, perhaps? You decide.

Though the character survived the Mad Titan’s apocalyptic snap at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, many fans are theorizing that Nebula might not make it out of the next film alive. Either because she’ll go out in a blaze of glory, stealing the Infinity Gauntlet from her evil pops, like in the original comic book storyline, or because she’ll make the ultimate sacrifice to save her sister Gamora, as another convincing idea suggested.

So, is this Gillan’s way of saying goodbye to the character? After all, even if she does manage to live through Avengers 4, the fate of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is up in the air and this could be the final time the actress gets to don her blue bald cap. Perhaps learning from how Chris Evans’ emotional message on Twitter got people wondering if Captain America was going to die, Gillan didn’t give a caption to her post except for a couple of emojis.

Whatever happens, it sounds like the actress won’t be complaining and is just grateful she got to play Nebula for as long she did. Gillan previously revealed that she didn’t expect her career as the character to last for four whole movies. Originally, she was meant to die at the end of the first Guardians but director James Gunn took a liking to the anti-heroine and the rest was history.

What do you think awaits Nebula in Avengers 4, though? Will she make it out alive? Leave your predictions in the comments section below.

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