Katrina Law Wants To Have Nyssa Meet Ava On Legends Of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4

Arrow might be over and done with, but its legacy lives on, and there’s ample opportunity for its characters to appear in the various other shows of the universe it spawned. For instance, Katrina Law, who periodically guested as Nyssa al Ghul, has expressed interest in dropping by for a cameo in Legends of Tomorrow.

Like many of the characters still alive at the series’ end, Nyssa turned up for a final appearance in the scene of Oliver’s funeral where she was reunited with her one-time love Sara, who she introduced to her sister Talia as “my beloved,” showing she still cared deeply for her despite them both being at a point in their lives that means they can no longer be together.

Despite the deep emotional history between the two characters, they only actually appeared together in a handful of episodes, the final time, aside from the finale and a brief flashback scene in season 1 Legends episode “River of Time,” being season 4’s “Restoration,” where Team Arrow travel to Nanda Parbat to use the Lazarus Pit to restore Sara to life after she was killed by an unknown assailant in the season opener.

When interviewed by TV Line, Law was asked about appearing on the time travel spinoff and was enthusiastic about the idea, saying:

“Fingers crossed! Because I would love to mess with Ava a little bit… I totally need to see if Ava’s worthy of Sara!”

Of course, the dynamic between the trio of women has the potential to play out in a fun way. Nyssa would likely ultimately be accepting of Ava knowing that being with her makes Sara happy, but at the same time would relish in being able to make her feel awkward.

Exactly where Nyssa would fit into the narrative of Legends of Tomorrow isn’t immediately apparent, but with the imminent departure of Ray and Nora, the writers are likely gearing up to introduce other characters into the ever-rotating ensemble, so even if only for a guest appearance there would certainly be plenty of room for her to appear.