Keiynan Lonsdale Spotted Wearing New Costume In The Flash Set Photos


Season 3 of The Flash ended on a massive cliffhanger, as Barry Allen elected to remain in the Speed Force in order to save Central City. Effectively, it was presented as if he’d died and gone to heaven, suggesting that there was no easy way for the Scarlet Speedster to return and leaving his home city without a superhero to defend it.

These new shots, though, suggest that someone else will step up to take his place. In the latest set photos from filming in Vancouver, Keiynan Lonsdale – who plays Barry’s sidekick Wally West AKA Kid Flash in the show – is seen decked out in a new costume. Specifically, the red outfit usually worn by Grant Gustin’s hero.

Check out the shots below, courtesy of Canadagraphs:

Fans had been suspecting that Wally West would take on the mantle of the Flash in season 4, just as he does in the comics. However, Lonsdale himself had previously put this idea to bed when he said that he believes Wally has “a lot of growing to do” before he can become the Flash. “It’s not something that’s on my radar,” the actor said. “I feel there is so much story to tell [before he gets there].”

We can assume, then, that Wally donning Barry’s suit will only be a temporary measure. Obviously, Grant Gustin won’t disappear from his own show forever and he’s expected to make a comeback to the land of the living in the first few episodes of the season. The synopsis for the premiere also mentions that Team Flash will be working hard to free Barry “from his own personal hell.”

We shouldn’t expect Wally to remain in red throughout next season, then, but it’s possible there might be a bit of friction between the two speedsters when Barry returns and relegates Wally back to sidekick.

The Flash season 4 kicks off on Tuesday, October 10th at 8PM on The CW.

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