Kevin Conroy Likes The Idea Of Playing Thomas Wayne On Batwoman


Even though there are some pretty vocal naysayers out there, I’d have to say the upcoming Batwoman TV show is shaping up to be something special. Not only is Kate Kane a fine addition to the Arrowverse in her own right, but she’s bringing more heroes and villains along with her. For example, Luke Fox starts out looking like a harmless tech genius, but comic book readers know he’ll one day blossom into Batwing.

At this time, it’s quite fun pondering which other DC characters could show up during the first season – and potentially beyond. We’ve already been told that Batman himself is off limits, but one has to wonder what other restrictions have been put on the family. Don’t forget, Kate Kane and Bruce Wayne are cousins.

As it turns out, one fan on Twitter presented an idea to Kevin Conroy himself, that being the possibility of the popular voice actor taking a live action turn and playing Thomas Wayne in flashback sequences. Much to the delight of others, Conroy gave this enthusiastic response:

“Thanks ERod, I love this idea!”

Now that the idea is out there, then perhaps Batwoman producers could follow up on it and make it happen. In a way, it’d be very similar to Martian Manhunter voice actor Carl Lumbly playing J’onn J’onzz’s father over on Supergirl.

Though Conroy is known to many as the definitive voice of the Dark Knight, it should be noted that he lent his pipes to Thomas Wayne in the animated film Batman vs. Robin, which adapted the acclaimed Court of Owls arc from the comics. If Kevin were to reprise the role in live action, then he’d join a very exclusive club of actors who’ve played the same DC character across several forms of media.

Batwoman is set to air on Sunday nights this fall on The CW.