Kevin Conroy Can’t Wait To Play Batman On Screen In Crisis On Infinite Earths

Kevin Conroy Batman

Kevin Conroy has been voicing Batman for almost 30 years now, across TV shows, animated movies, video games and more, but this fall the veteran Dark Knight performer will finally get the chance to play the hero in live-action. It was announced today that the Batman: The Animated Series star will appear in the Arrowverse’s big “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover as an older Bruce Wayne.

Since the news came out, Conroy has been celebrating with his fans on Twitter and it seems he’s just as excited about the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as the rest of us. One fan shared a GIF of the actor saying his iconic line “I am Batman” and Conroy reminded us that we may well see him say it in the flesh very soon. “Finally, on screen!” he responded.

Apart from Conroy’s involvement, it’s huge news on its own that Wayne will appear as Batman has previously been off-limits for the Arrowverse. We had a feeling the rules were being relaxed, though, seeing as Batwoman is coming up this season. Bruce isn’t expected to show up on that, however, with Kate Kane’s cousin having mysteriously vanished, so it seems like Conroy’s Batman comes from another Earth elsewhere in the multiverse.

Going by the fact that he’s been described as playing an older Bruce Wayne, it’s possible that Conroy’s character will be inspired by the Batman Beyond version, an elderly Wayne who’s training up his protege, Terry McGinnis, to be the next Batman. Does that mean we’re going to see Terry in the crossover as well? Well, we haven’t heard anything about that just yet, but it sounds like The CW are pulling out all the stops for this one, so anything can happen.

Brandon Routh’s Superman, Burt Ward’s Robin and many more are also expected to make guest spots in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” and it all kicks off on December 8th.