Kevin Feige explains the origins of ‘Rogers: The Musical’

Based on the social media reactions, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are just as excited to see in-canon stage show Rogers: The Musical as they are to see Hawkeye itself, with the all-singing and all-dancing extravaganza blowing up on Twitter from the second it was revealed to be part of the Disney Plus series.

Jeremy Renner revealed that it’s Rogers: The Musical that sets the plot in motion, bringing Clint Barton back to New York City after he receives an invitation to a performance, while lead writer Jonathan Igla unsurprisingly admitted that Hamilton played a huge part in germinating the seed in his head.

Speaking at the Hawkeye global press conference, Kevin Feige expounded on that by explaining how Rogers: The Musical ended up becoming such an integral part of the premiere.

“It was a daddy weekend before Christmas. And I had met the amazing composer Mark Shaiman at an event a few-this is very, like, the most social- I’m not a social guy. So, to even say, I met him at an event- It was, like, one of the three events I’ve been to in the last ten years. And thought he would, and his husband is a giant Marvel fan. So, when Rhys said that it gave us context for the opening episode, context for why Clint is in New York, context for Clint seeing himself in the way the world sees Hawkeye. And gave us an opportunity to have an amazing song by Mark Shaiman.”

We’re less than 48 hours away from Hawkeye landing on Disney Plus with a two-episode debut, and you can bet on Rogers: The Musical being one of the top topics of conversation from the second the credits roll on the two-parter. Renner and co-star Hailee Steinfeld better deliver some top-notch action and witty banter, though, otherwise they could end up being overshadowed completely in the most unexpected and meta fashion.