Kevin Feige hopes ‘Hawkeye’ becomes a Marvel Christmas classic

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Image: We Got This Covered

The highly-anticipated premiere of Marvel’s Hawkeye is just days away on Disney Plus, and a recent red carpet event allowed for some questions to be asked about the Christmas-time series. As some of the cast and crew spoke with various news outlets about the film, Kevin Feige shared more about the Christmas aspect of the show and what he hopes that means for years future.

On the red carpet with Entertainment Weekly, Feige had this to say about Hawkeye becoming “necessary viewing” during the holiday season.

“I hope Hawkeye is necessary viewing for the holidays. It’s fun, we’ve always wanted to do a story at Christmas. We had a little bit in Iron Man 3 that was our Christmas story — nobody really looks at it as a Christmas story, we sort of consider that a Christmas movie. But this, unabashedly, is a holiday story.”

Having a Marvel holiday story is significant for the genre. There are some Marvel films and series you can watch anytime you want, and of course, that’s the idea — but having one you’ll revisit yearly with your loved ones as a tradition is notable for fans and those close to the show.

You can watch the entire clip below.

Hawkeye debuts on Disney Plus on Nov. 24 — just in time for the holidays.