Kevin Smith Reveals The Flash Season 5 Is Already Planned


The Flash is only four episodes into its fourth season, but work has already begun on season 5 of The CW’s hit superhero show. The news comes courtesy of cult filmmaker Kevin Smith, who’s helmed several episodes of The Flash since its second season (as well as the odd episode for Supergirl, too).

The Clerks director took to Twitter to reveal that he’d been to a meal with exec producer Andrew Kreisberg who revealed to him the story of The Flash season 5. It’s apparently got Smith very excited to work on it, too, as he jokingly commented: “I now have to stay alive one more year.”

This is interesting news for several reasons. For one, it wasn’t previously confirmed that there would be a fifth season of the show. Then again, it wasn’t exactly an outside chance, seeing as it’s one of The CW’s flagship series. Still, The Flash hasn’t received an official renewal from the network yet, so Kreisberg and his team’s pre-planning could technically be a bit presumptuous.

Secondly, it’s impressive that a story arc is already in place for season 5 even at this early stage. Then again, The Flash‘s season-long plotlines are typically based around the fallout of what happens in the previous year’s finale, so there’s likely a lot of overlap between seasons when it comes to mapping out the future of the show.

The Flash often teases upcoming events ahead of time, too, and we’d imagine that there will be some hints at season 5 hidden within season 4. For instance, season 3 previously featured a few nods to a mysterious foe called “DeVoe.” It was only in season 4, episode 4 that we learned that this was the name of Central City’s latest supervillain, The Thinker. With that in mid, we’d best keep our eyes and ears open for any similar references this year.

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