Kevin Smith Returns To Direct His Third Episode Of Supergirl


Despite having Superman Lives escape his grasp two decades ago, Kevin Smith has done well for himself in the time since. Not only has he gone on to write comic books highlighting the exploits of Daredevil, Green Arrow and Batman, but he also had the good fortune of directing two episodes of The Flash in recent years.

But after overseeing two pivotal installments featuring the Scarlet Speedster, Smith set his sights on National City. Not wasting any time, he handily helmed two episodes of Supergirl during its sophomore season. And although they didn’t lack the emotional resonance that was seen in his Flash offerings, they turned out to be visual effects spectacles, each being an achievement when it came to thrilling science fiction experiences on television.

Naturally, you’d think “the Fatman” would move on to Arrow since he’s already written for that character, albeit in another medium, but for now, he’s going for the Supergirl hat trick. Now, that doesn’t mean he’ll never put his stamp on the Emerald Archer in the live action realm, but seeing him have another go at the Maiden of Might is certainly not a bad thing.

Having confirmed his involvement via Twitter, Smith posted the front page to a screenplay which strategically has its titled obscured by a pen. On the plus side, we know that his next episode is written by Eric Carrasco and Cindy Lichtman.

But knowing that anything thus far handled by Smith hasn’t been a throwaway, it’s probably safe to assume that something important is bound to happen in 3×5. Could this be when Reign makes her presence known? Only time will tell.

Supergirl returns for is third season on Monday, October 9 on The CW.