Kevin Smith Teases His Return To The Flash With New Photo


Kevin Smith is returning to The Flash to helm another episode. The Clerks director has been occasionally working on The CW drama since season 2 and his next job on the show will be the upcoming seventeenth episode of season 4.

To tease his return, Smith took to Twitter this week to share the front page of the script. The photo reveals that the installment is scripted by Lauren Certo and Kristen Kim, but the title is only listed as “TBA.” Smith joked about the lack of a moniker in his caption, too, saying: “Back to work on my third episode of @CW_The Flash. We’ve got the metahuman cuffs but we still need a title…”

Check it out in the gallery down below, along with some pics from next week’s installment:

Smith’s first episode of The Flash was season 2’s penultimate hour, “The Runaway Dinosaur,” which was arguably one of the show’s best outings ever and saw Barry trapped in the Speed Force and coming to terms with his mother’s death. In season 3, Smith returned to direct “Killer Frost,” a key episode for Caitlin Snow which saw her secret metahuman side revealed to Team Flash. Given how significant these installments have been, we can bet that 4×17 will be another important episode of the show.

If we do a bit of detective work like Ralph Dibny, we might even be able to work out what it’ll involve. A few days ago, set photos revealed that Iris West will temporarily gain speedster powers in an upcoming episode, even getting her own superhero suit in the process. Given that Smith’s script reveal is occurring just days after those photos leaked, they could both relate to the same installment.

Smith has also directed three outings of Supergirl to date and has been open about how he would be up for trying his hand at the other Arrowverse shows as well, perhaps even writing an episode at some point. He even suggested what he’d do if given the reins to the annual crossover, revealing a pretty awesome idea.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. The Flash season 4 is currently airing on The CW every Tuesday and Smith’s episode will be on our screens at some point in March.