Killer Frost And More Revealed In Awesome New Promo For The Flash


The Flash will return to The CW on January 19th, and while the network has yet to release a synopsis for that episode, a promo has found its way online today which makes it clear that the second half of season two is going to be even more epic than the first.

Among the big reveals in this latest look at The Flash are the Earth-2 versions of Barry Allen and Iris West, not to mention Caitlin Snow’s very different role as the villainous Killer Frost. At this stage, it makes little to no sense for the Earth-1 version of the character to undergo a villainous transformation, so this is a very clever way to incorporate Killer Frost into the series.


Of course, the biggest question this promo raises is whether or not the Reverse-Flash we see (Eobard Thawne not disguised as Harrison Wells) is the same one who was erased from time or another Earth-2 counterpart. That remains to be seen for time being, but the iconic bad guy will no doubt leave his mark on the series in a major way when he returns to The Flash in episode eleven.

Tell us, what are you most looking forward to seeing when The Flash returns? Do you have any theories on the Reverse-Flash’s shock resurrection? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.